Working With Newborns

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When working with newborn babies, you are working with the mother at the same time. 

Provide a space for her to let go.. often women don't realise they have been holding on. They are in the phase of coping minute to minute - especially for first time and 3rd time mums (when the dynamics shift dramatically). It is a hugely vulnerable period.

By the time the mother comes in, often they've been exhausted by the support given externally after birth (hospital, midwife & community centre) and they may be feeling vulnerable and unheard. So take the time to really be present. I make these appointments 1.5 hours so the mother has time to unload all she wants/needs to.

During these session you will also usually have to be prepared to take everything slow as there may be breastfeeding, settling, changing nappies etc! Again, it is all about the space.

Chat & listen as much as you can -

what was the birth experience like?

what has the sleeping/feeding/settling been like?

what has your support been like?

how have the moods been like?

how are you coping with the unpredictability and lack of routine?

how is her health? bleeding? hunger? bowels?

how is motherhood so far?

what is her relationship with her mother (not always an appropriate one at such a time of change - the aim is to settle).

When you can find essences & points and rub them on the baby. You're most likely going to be working with the mum though. ESRs and taking time to breathe and release stress.

Much of the therapy is just being there listening.

Another point I like to make is to get mum to return to her own wisdom about her body and the baby. Many times over pregnancy and birth, the womens own wisdom has been talked over or ignored. Many times that innate confidence is weakened. Help her regain that faith in herself. 

The session & muscle testing is usually done in the chair, however if the baby is asleep get mum up on the table.