The Spiritual Journey

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This part has been channeled/intuited over the past few years. 

Feel free to take it or leave it. 

Throughout adolescence we go through a stage where we explore the ego.

The parents role at this stage is to 'hold the soul' while the child explores their identity.

Its a highly vulnerable time of the human journey.

We are disconnected and swinging between our soul and our identity or ego.

Young adults struggle at this age when their soul is not held and their ego is judged.

If a parent judges a child, it feels like a judgement of their soul. After all, your parents are the ones that *are meant* to know you the best.

If a parent is to say "you are..." then the vulnerable ego will feel that this is a judgement on their soul (i.e. who they really are).

If the ego deems the soul not worthy/acceptable during this phase then a child will fail to hear their souls wisdom and guidance, leaving them either searching for connection with those who also feel that their soul is not worthy/acceptable or isolating and withdrawing from the world.

Power is often mistaken for safety. Sex, popularity, manipulation and drugs all enable to ego a time to feel powerful instead of the vulnerability.

Reconnection with who they really are is key. 

As is learning how to be vulnerable and powerful at the same time. 

We are our truest essence between ages 2 - 4.

What kind of young child where they? What were they drawn to, what did they talk about?

Find a way to explore, connect to & express those interests.

Find purpose so that the ego is not flailing about.

Young adults need guidance and support 

(not to be mistaken for well meaning control & judgement).

Find the light inside and hold it for your child. Allow them to explore and be, all the while knowing that they will be back if they feel held by you. 

Am I wise?

Am I to be trusted?

Will I be ok?

Who am I?

Can I be me?

I feel so deeply, is this a gift or a burden?

Hold the light for your client, remind them of who they are. What makes them happy.

What to do with sadness, what to do with anger, what to do with pain.

The heart is exposed, is raw, is vulnerable.

It's that first flight out of the nest.

Will I have a home to come back to if I fly? 

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