When I begin to explain the primitive reflexes to a parent and child, it has the most heart warming effect.

All of a sudden, there is a reason that makes sense.

It's not just behaviour, or a disorder.. there is a reason why this symptom complex exists.

A reason that makes sense, that can be traceable back to birth, to the childs first few years.

"If only we knew..." is often the next words out of the parents.

Working with the reflexes is a profound for the child and for the parents.

They can finally understand that there is a survival mechanism that can't be controlled that is driving their childs behaviour.

For the child, they are no longer "a bad child", their fears, which have often never really been acknowledged, are verbalised and heard.

It's not just children who I see with active primitive reflexes, teenagers who shut down, develop eating disorders, have difficulty forming relationships and/or are diagnosed with ADHD often will also have active primitive reflexes.

Adults who have had severe trauma - they may have active primitive reflexes as well.

Finding the source of stress is imperative to our work as Kinesiologists.

Working with Retained Primitive Reflexes gives context and understanding

to so many unresolved issues that we see in children and adults alike.

Your Instructor

Emma Sternberg
Emma Sternberg

I started treating children 15 years ago.

I see everything from developmental delays, to sleep and gut issues. For the past few years, the majority of my clients 10 years and under have come in for treatment of anxiety.

I began my career with Ondrej Bursik and his kinesiology and biofeedback clinic for learning delays, adhd and spectrum disorders. It was here that I realised that I wanted to focus on children in my own clinic.

I didn't have children of my own as yet, so from 2008-2012 I immersed myself in extra work in childcare, as a nanny and in the SonRise program for Autism, whilst also working in clinic with children. I wanted to learn as much as I could about development and the emotional, physical and mental needs of children.

In 2013 I had my first baby. He shook my world and everything that I thought that I knew about babies and being a mother! Pregnancy wasn't my friend, the labour was 3 days long and ended in an emergency cesarean (turns out I'm a little small at just 5 foot - my boys were born 1/3 of my height!), I ended up with post natal eclampsia, a child who wouldn't breastfeed, an undersupply of milk, a colicky baby and no sleep for 2 years. I went through anything and everything I knew - on an emotional as well as physical level!

Now it's 2022, I've treated thousands of children in clinic and have 2 little boys of my own. I found myself in a position where I have so much knowledge that I want to pass on to other therapists and parents. So many little and big changes that can make such a difference to parents and children who are struggling with anxiety, with sensory sensitivities, learning difficulties, with allergies, with stomach issues, with sleep, with the looming diagnosis of ADHD, ADD, ODD and even depression.

The world has become a minefield of information, tips, tricks and the right and wrong way to be a parent and for children to be. Its confusing for everyone involved!!

My personal mission is to make health and life simple. To help parents understand their children so that they can use their own intuition as to what best suits them! I want each child to come into my clinic and feel safe, feel heard and feel ok to be them. I want each child to then take that feeling out into the world again. It's a place of acceptance for parents to be human and to be supported in learning.

And I want to pass the baton on to the next generation of therapists.

Will you join me?

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